10 Shockingly Creepy Celebrity Stalker Stories!

10 Shockingly Creepy Celebrity Stalker Stories!

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10 Creepiest Celebrity Stalker Stories

Some fans take their obsession with their favorite stars way too far. Many of these celebrity stalkers are suffering from mental illnesses causing some celebs to even fear for their lives!

Here are ten of the creepiest celebrity stalker stories.

1. Jennifer Lawrence
Chinese immigrant Han Cong Zhao harassed her and her family in 2013. When Zhao couldn’t reach Jen, he sent graphic emails to her brother and even went to her hometown in Kentucky to find her family’s house. Zhao was caught and later deported.

2. Miley Cyrus
Stalker Mark McLeod, completely disregarding his restraining order, would show up to Miley’s movie sets and recording studios and wait outside for her. He even told the paparazzi that he was engaged to the 22-year-old.

3. Catherine Zeta-Jones
Mentally disturbed stalker Dawnette Knight revealed her obsession with Michael Douglas by writing him love letters and calling him daily. Catherine, however, became Knight’s rival, and Knight vowed to chop her into pieces and feed her to her dogs. Luckily, Knight was caught and arrested.

4. Rihanna
Relentless stalker, Jonathan Whooper showed up uninvited, to Rihanna’s Californian estate many times. Once he even threw a chair through her window, broke into her house, and insisted they would be married someday. Rihanna filed a restraining order.

5. Alyson Hannigan
John Hobbs tried to contact the actress online, threatening to kill her and her husband, Alexis Denisof. In one message Hobbs wrote, “I still can marry you tomorrow. I can kill you tomorrow too. Aly … It doesn’t end. Even after death.” Hobbs had been released from a mental hospital and even owned a gun permit.

6. Sandra Bullock
In 2014, Joshua James Corbett broke into Bullock’s home with a loaded machine gun! The actress reportedly locked herself in her bedroom closet until the police came to arrest Corbett. He is currently on trial in NYC.

7. Uma Thurman
The actress’ stalker sent her sexually graphic love letters and drawings for years. Jack Jordan was eventually caught and jailed for violating his probation and was sent back to prison after refusing to take medication for his mental disorder.

8. Jennifer Lopez
J-Lo already had a restraining order against stalker, John Dubis, when he broke into her home and stayed in her pool house undetected for nearly a week! He even uploaded photos of his stay in the Hamptons to Facebook. Dubis was charged with first-degree criminal contempt, among other charges.

9. Gwyneth Paltrow
Persistent stalker Dante Michael Soiu sent Paltrow five letters a day and boxes filled with porn. He then showed up at her parents’ house saying he wanted to “cut the sin” out of her with “God’s scalpel.” He even sent her a vibrator with a note saying that he “loved her.” Soiu was later declared legally insane.

10. Selena Gomez
Severely mentally disturbed stalker Thomas Brodnicki was so infatuated with Gomez, that he reportedly had conversations with God about killing her. When Brodnicki finally showed up in court, he agreed that a restraining order would be the only thing that would keep him away from Selena. Talk about creepy!

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